Where to get weed in Brazil Where to Get Weed in Rio de Janeiro

Where to Get Weed in Rio de Janeiro

marijuana/weed in Rio/Brazil Where to buy/get cannabis in Rio de Janeiro

Where to buy/get cannabis in Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is a sizable beachfront city in Brazil that is well-known for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, the 38-meter-tall Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado, and Sugarloaf Mountain, a granite peak accessible by cable cars. The city is renowned for its extensive favelas (shanty towns). Its boisterous Carnaval festival is regarded as the biggest in the world and features parade floats, extravagant costumes, and samba dancers. Keep reading for more on marijuana/weed in Rio/Brazil.


Cannabis is prohibited in Brazil but is authorized for personal use. If you are found transporting, selling, growing, or otherwise dealing with marijuana, you run the risk of receiving a significant punishment as well as a lengthy prison sentence. Criminal charges no longer apply to personal possession or usage. Therefore, carrying little amounts of marijuana in Brazil is not punishable by a prison term. If you are found in possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use, it will be seized, and you could also face fines or community service requirements. You might be sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison and a fine of $150 to $500 USD, depending on how much money you were found to have.

Cannabis laws in Brazil are becoming more lenient. Personal use of marijuana became legal in 2006, and a marijuana-based medicine hit the market in 2017. Brazilian marijuana rules are much more lenient than those in other Eastern European nations, despite the fact that legalization is still a long way off.

Where to Get Weed in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has a sizable marijuana market despite the fact that cannabis is prohibited in Brazil. Finding other travelers who have been there longer and purchasing from them is the safest course of action. The beach at Copacabana is another option. It is well-liked by both tourists and businesspeople.
One more choice is to visit a “favela.” Almost every street or “viela” in the “favelas” sells cannabis. In this location, travelers should use caution because it can occasionally be dangerous. Communication will be challenging because few locals speak English. Without a local guide, it is not advisable to explore the favelas.

marijuana/weed in Rio/Brazil Where to buy/get cannabis in Rio de Janeiro

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