get weed in egypt where ti get weed in cairo

Get weed in Cairo how to get weed/marijuana in Cairo. Where to buy/get cannabis in Cairo-Egypt.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Cairo-Egypt. Egypt’s enormous capital city of Cairo is situated on the Nile River. Tahrir Square and the enormous Egyptian Museum, which houses a treasure trove of items like golden King Tutankhamun artifacts and royal mummies, are at the center of the city. The famous pyramids and Great Sphinx, which date to the 26th century BC, are located close by in Giza. The 187m Cairo Tower, located in the green Zamalek neighborhood of Gezira Island, offers sweeping city views. Keep reading for more on how to get weed/marijuana in Cairo.

Law Enforcement

Marijuana is illegal to possess or use, and offenders face lengthy prison sentences, albeit these regulations are subject to change according on the judge’s decision.
Being busted in Cairo for marijuana or hash is quite difficult. As long as there are no roadblocks, you shouldn’t be concerned about encountering police while driving down the road with a joint in your hand. Try to book an apartment or a hotel room in a quiet neighborhood.
If you’re a foreigner, many police officers won’t even bother you. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, present your foreign passport, speak to the person in your native tongue, and keep repeating “embassy” until they leave you alone.

However, carrying a lot of hash or weed can be difficult. You don’t want to end up in jail in Egypt. Police can presently detain you for up to 24 hours before allowing you to visit your embassy. Therefore, act coolly like you would everywhere.

Where to find weed in Cairo

However, unlike the rest of the Middle East, asking someone usually works out well. Start a friendly conversation with the locals and ask them to set you up; it should be relatively simple. However, be careful who you ask because some people are religious and may take offense. Taxi drivers, tour guides, waiters, coffee shop employees, and regular individuals drinking tea will be more than delighted to set you up; Egyptians are incredibly amiable and sociable and will jump at the chance to speak with a foreigner.
Also, you can go to Mohandeseen and ask for ”meet o’ba” go inside just make any eye contact with anyone and the will understand. inside you will find many people sitting down and smoking up.

how to get weed/marijuana in Cairo. Where to buy/get cannabis in Cairo-Egypt.

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