get weed in morocco

Get weed in Casablanca

how to get/buy weed/marijuana in Casablanca. Where to buy/get cannabis in Casablanca-Morocco.

Where to buy/get cannabis in Casablanca-Morocco. In western Morocco, Casablanca is a port city and a major commercial center that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The downtown Mauresque architecture, a fusion of Moorish design and European art deco, is evidence of the city’s French colonial past. The massive Hassan II Mosque, finished in 1993, features a 210-meter minaret topped with lasers pointed toward Mecca and partially overhangs the lake. Keep reading¬† for more on how to get/buy weed/marijuana in Casablanca.

Law Enforcement

Morocco forbids the use of cannabis in any way, and getting caught with it could result in significant repercussions. However, these regulations only apply to locals; covert smokers can get away with it. Hashish and cannabis are both widely produced in Morocco, suggesting that the country’s economy is booming because to foreign investment. The police won’t likely disturb you if you’re a tourist, but if they do, prepare to pay a minor fine and avoid further annoyance.

Where to get weed in Casablanca

In Morocco, hash is much more available than cannabis. If you merely walk through the more touristy areas of most Moroccan cities, you will be approached by salespeople who will simply say “hashish.” However,¬† you could also come across weed dealers but you must use caution. Dealers will charge you absurdly exorbitant prices for their hash or weed, so you’ll need to haggle with them. They frequently overstate the quantity of hash they sell you as well. Additionally, bear in mind that cannabis is prohibited, so keep things as low-key as you can.

how to get/buy weed/marijuana in Casablanca. Where to buy/get cannabis in Casablanca-Morocco.

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